Smashd 30ml - Nic Salts

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Mizz Tasty by Smashd

Litchi & Grape Soda Sweet Grapes & Ripe Litchis Blended Into A Soda With Refreshing Bubbles.

Lil Stud by Smashd

Toffee Milkshake A Creamy Yet Sweet Toffee Milkshake Without The Carbs.

Cafe Conspiracy by Smashd

A Freshly Baked Crisp Cheesecake For An All-Day Indulgence.

Mr Grenade by Smashd

Strawberry & Watermelon Drink Succulent Strawberries & A Dash Of Watermelon For A Refreshing Ice Summer Drink.

Dazzle Dude by Smashd

Summer Berries, Tangy Grape