Crusher 30ml (35mg) - Nic Salts

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Berry Burst

An outbreak of berries burst through the waves. This frozen berry burst mix fuses the ripest raspberries, sweetest strawberries and chunks of fresh kiwi.

Blackcurrant Ice

A burst of luscious blackcurrant juice chilled in cartons, made with the plumpest currants picked just for your vaping pleasure. Enjoy purple Crusher anytime, anywhere.

Grape Slush

Gnarly grapes brah!  Get the wax out and streamline through this slushy purple mix. A cold cocktail topped with ice to help you roll through the ripping waves.

Lemon Ice

New Lemon Ice from Crusher features freshly sliced lemons with crushed ice to give the perfect pallet cleansing summer vape

Mango Ice

This fleshy Mango smoothie will be sure to cool you down on your sun-filled adventures. Dive into a mango state of mind and splash around in a tropical paradise.

Melon Medley Ice

MEGA, MAN! A rip, juicy and bold fruity flavour consisting of a blend of cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon. Topped off with a little hint of mint.

Peach and Apricot Ice

Perfect juicy peaches and the ripest apricots are hard to handle when combined but you’ve got what it takes! This refreshing, fruity flavour will leave you in a vivid cloud of exotic splendor.

Strawberry and Kiwi Ice

This exotic mixture brings two of the best combined fruits together. Crush the competition and treat your sweet teeth on a hot summers day.

Summer Fruit Ice

Close your eyes and quench your thirst with this cool flavours. Juicy strawberries, crisp pear and the ripest forest fruits. Get the feeling of instant refreshment in the heat of the summer solstice.

Tropical Ice

Guaranteed to give you a crush for tropical fruits. Sit back in the shade of the palms, squeeze and unleash this exotic delight. Descend into Club Tropicana, where a good vape is always free.

Zingy Tangerine Ice

Prepare for the zing! Freshly pressed tangerines, poured over a glass full of crushed ice, the perfect naturally sweet treat to set up for the day.